Black Dog Studios was born in 2010. For 18 months we took beautiful images, hosted many wonderful people in our space and made many very good friends. In the early hours of the 15th June 2012 a fire devastated Black Dog Studios. On the 18th June Sally was attacked by three armed men in her home whilst working in her study putting together a business plan to get the studio back together again.

These horrific experiences made Sally more determined than ever to get Black Dog Studios back up and running and on the 1st August she moved into our beautiful new premises and with the help of many kind and generous angels she was back in business on the 3rd August 2012.

This experience has shown her how many kind and caring people there are out there and that we don’t have to be alone in adversity. She hope’s that the new Black Dog Studios will provide as many happy and creative times as the old did (if not more) and is looking forward to seeing all of her old clients and those that are new soon!